NH Bats Wildlife Control & ManagementBats often take up residence in attics. Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC will work to humanely but permanently evict them from your house.


On our initial contact, we will perform an inspection of your home or commercial building to identify the offending species. We will then evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the animal and determine the best course of action to repair the damage. We will also walk you through the mitigation process of either trapping, excluding (permanent barrier of entry), harassing or all the above to permanently solve the wildlife issue. Lastly, we will give you an estimate of cost for the work. Every wildlife issue and every building is different, therefore pricing is not the same for every job. Please call Bob Noviello of Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC for an estimate.


Exclusion is a technique that creates a physical barrier or other deterrent to prevent animals from utilizing the area for food or shelter. Our goal is to permanently prevent re-entry of the building by the offending animal. We can deny access several ways. Some examples include one-way doors, flight or fight response, minor carpentry, sealing or filling voids, hazing, chimney caps, screening, and habitat modifications. In short, once we achieve success in removing the animal(s), we protect your assets through prevention of future infestation and damage.

NH Racoon Wildlife Control & ManagementChimney caps prevent raccoon re-entry.


Upon completion of our site inspection, we may determine that evicting and excluding the animal will not provide a permanent solution. In that case, we will then set traps for the offending animal accordingly. We follow strict guidelines set forth by the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Fish and Game Department. We also follow euthanasia guidelines set forth by the American Veterinarian Medical Association. Our goal at Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC is to treat every wildlife species humanely while also providing a long term and cost-effective solution for the customer.

NH raccoon chimney Wildlife Control & ManagementRaccoon removed from chimney
NH raccoon fireplace Wildlife Control & ManagementRaccoon removed from fireplace.

Dead Animal Removal

We provide dead animal removal services on property grounds or in buildings. Our removal fees include locating the source of the odor, travel and disposal. In some cases, it may be necessary to open walls or subfloors to gain access to carcasses.
We also provide an odor removal service. When an animal succumbs, it typically secretes bodily fluids which can emit a very offensive odor. Deodorizing and cleaning is typically the only method to mitigate the smell. In addition, we also treat for skunks that may have sprayed under decks or buildings.

NH Attic Clean out Wildlife Control & ManagementSuburban Wildlife Control, LLC will work to clean up and restore the insulation in your attic that was damaged by the offending species.

Attic Clean Up

Under most circumstances, when wildlife enters an attic for shelter, the animals contaminate and soil the insulation with urine, fecal matter and parasites. This situation can pose serious health risks to the customer and also reduce the insulation qualities of the material to prevent heat loss. If your attic insulation has been soiled and damaged, we can provide an estimate to clean and restore insulation back to its original state.

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