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Insect Species Information

Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC provides you with considerable information on insect natural history and control for your reference.

Insect Species Info:

Carpenter ants

- ID and control

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

- Bumble bees

- Carpenter bees

- Honey bees

- European hornet

- Bald-faced hornet

- Yelllow jacket

Bed bugs

- All things bed bugs


- American cockroaches

- Brown banded cockroaches

- German cockroaches

- Oriental cockroaches


- House spiders

- Long-bellied cellar spiders

- Wolf spiders


- ID and control

- Keeping your lawn flea free

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Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC - German cockroach - Fotolia

Suburban Wildlife Control can help you with all of your insect problems including cockroaches and fleas.

Suburban Wildlife Control, LLC - fleas